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Markets Served

While our industry experience is vast, VisiPak has developed innovative solutions for companies in a wide variety of markets.  From healthcare to hunting, consumer to industrial, VisiPak has served clients across dozens of industries.  Here are just a few.

Hunting or Fishing

With one of the industry's largest lines of stock and standard, clear packaging options, VisiPak supplies hundreds of companies in hunting and fishing markets. 

Semi custom clamshell package for string

Hunting and Fishing Accessories

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fishing lure packaging

Fishing Lure Packaging

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archery arrows packaging

Archery Packaging

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While much of the food packaging market is dominated by mass-produced packaging that serves little purpose beyond protecting the product, VisiPak has helped companies in a variety of food industries with innovative solutions that serve as a major point of differentiation.

cupcake packaging clamshell

Cupcake Packaging

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popcorn packaging tube

Popcorn Packaging

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candy tube packaging

Candy Tube Packaging

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From our standard line of golf ball packaging tube containers to eleven golf ball clamshells to innovative solutions for trading and playing cards, VisiPak has developed many solutions for specific products in the sports industry.

golf ball packaging tubes

Golf Ball Packaging

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trading card packaging

Trading Card Packaging

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Elite Holster Packaging

Holster Packaging

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Innovative games, whether indoors or outdoors, require protection for the games tools. VisiPak packaging solutions provided insert trays and containers for protection and storage of game contents.

Board Game Packaging

Board Game Packaging

Outdoor Game Packaging

Outdoor Game Packaging

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