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When it comes to merchandising one’s candy, there is often no better package than one that clearly shows its delectable contents.  For decades, candy companies have relied on the crystal clear 360° view provided by VisiPak candy packaging tubes. Learn more and view stock sizes by clicking here or buy online.


VisiPak candy tubes are typically made from FDA approved PETG and feature a clear bottom insert that permanently seals one end with friction fit caps on the other end. They offer excellent clarity, durability, and recyclability.

Clear Palstic Candy Tubes - Starbucks


For Godiva, we manufactured a custom gold-colored poly plug to match their existing branding and placed this on top of clear plastic containers extruded to a number of lengths. The friction fit plugs allow one to close the container even after it has been opened.

Candy Tube Packaging - Godiva


To create this stunning package, we paired a gold trim label with a custom-colored gold plug that sealed in the freshness and gave the tube the high-end appearance required to gain distribution with new retailers and increase profit margins for the chocolatier.

clear candy tubes - The Chocolate Fix


For small applications like party favor gift tubes, we offer a line of stock candy tubes that range in diameters from 1” to 2” and over 10” in length. Caps and tubes are sold together in case quantities of 25 and are available for immediate purchase from the VisiPak online store. 

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Party Favor Tubes - Hot Cocoa & Marshmallows
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